Verslag van een gesprek.



M = Motorbike driver
V = Vincent


M: Goodmorning, my friend!
V: Ah, goodmorning!
M: Where you go today??
V: Ahm... I think I'll just walk a bit, thanks
M: I can show you everything... Pagoda, Cham Towers, Waterfalls, Ok? My friend?
V: Ah no thanks, I think I'll walk
M: Very cheap cheap! My friend! Ok?
V: No thanks, I'm fine, I'll walk, thanks
M: Where you from, my friend?
V: I'm from Ha-Lan (holland)
M: Ahhh Haaa-Laaaan! Good country! Haha! Many flowers, right? Ha-Laaan!
V: Yep, many tulips, and cheese
M: I love flowers, my friend!
V: Really? Good for you!
M: I think Ha-Lan beautiful, my friend!
V: Hmm... I don't think so
M: Ahh why not my friend?
V: Well, it's just... flat, cold, wet, lots-of-rain, we have no forests, no mountains and stupid beaches
M: Hmm... really my friend? But Ha-Lan beautiful woman have! Right? My friend?
V: Mwoah...
M: Yes! My friend! Big woman, big breast! HAHAHA!
V: Hihi... I don't like big woman to be honest
M: Ahhh you lyer! Hahaha! You don't like? I don't believe! Haha!
V: It's true... they scare me, too big!
M: HAHAHA! my friend! hihihi!
V: Hihi!
M: Sure you no want motorbike, my friend?
V: No thanks
M: You want massage?? Cheap lady? Sucki sucki! Cheap cheap! HAHA! Ok? My friend? Fucki fucki boem boem?!
V: Ahh no thanks, I'll have breakfast first...